Introducing H2Insider

Introducing H2Insider: The Magazine for Hot Tub Professionals

We could not be more excited to introduce H2Insider, the magazine for hot tub professionals. H2Insider is brought to you by Bullfrog Spas, the fastest growing spa manufacturer in the world.

So why do you need another blog, another magazine, another email in your inbox? Let us explain.


Specifically for You, the Hot Tub Pro

We are hot tub people. We’ve operated hot tub stores day to day. We’ve stood out in hot parking lots selling to consumers. We’re small business owners, well aware of the challenges we face in an Internet/Amazon/Walmart/Home Depot world. We’ve fixed a leak deep within the insulation somewhere. We’ve moved spas into tricky locations. We’ve explained pH, oxidation, and chloramines to consumers with blank stares. We’ve been there.

So why do you need another blog, another magazine, another email in your inbox? Let us explain.


And we know that there isn’t a manual explaining how in the world you are supposed to get all of these things done. Like you, we recognize there’s a lack of really good information you can take and use today to make your business run better and your life a little easier.

So Bullfrog Spas and H2Insider has dedicated the time and resources to finally provide clear, well-crafted information to the professionals who ultimately make the spa industry happen—the irreplaceable retail channel.

We give you stuff you can use.


H2Insider is an essential industry publication geared towards advancing business practices for the spa retailer. Using reliable industry resources, H2Insider provides hot tub professionals with relevant, actionable content that effectively helps you improve business profitability and overall business performance.

We give you stuff you can use.

It is our goal to serve as the leading authority and provide quality, no-nonsense information that can help you make your spa retail business a huge success.

H2Insider regularly publishes original content within six key categories that play a role in this success: Industry, Sales, Marketing, Small Biz Basics, Service Department, and Showroom.

Articles provide substantiated, oftentimes instructional insight for any retail professional involved in the sales of hot tub products, from business owners and store managers to customer sales and service technicians. In each piece, you’ll learn how to implement best practices and capitalize on true business opportunities.


By the Professional for the Professional

for the professionalThe strength of the hot tub industry depends on the retail channel and the know-how retailers develop over time. We don’t know everything. But we know that the information is out there with hot tub professionals around the world. The vital information and methods for success contained in H2Insider have been provided by those who have proven their effectiveness. We’ll even be periodically featuring your own dealer profiles demonstrating best practices at work and we gladly welcome your input and suggestions.

Who doesn’t enjoy reading about themselves or people they know? According to Harvard Business Review, “Creating and telling a story that resonates also helps us believe in ourselves … We need a good story to reassure us that our plans make sense.”

When it comes to understanding the spa retail business, there is no adequate substitute for active experience and first-hand knowledge. We gather that from you and your peers and bring it to you in a concise, helpful way. Let H2Insider be your eyes and ears on the industry, your marketing consultant, your sales trainer, and your trusted management advisor.


Cultivating Your Competitive Advantage

We believe, with the right direction, even the “little guys” can compete with the big box store and e-commerce sites. But every spa dealership has to overcome its own unique set of challenges to do so. This is stuff you may not immediately know how to do. That is why we encourage all hot tub professionals to use H2Insider regularly for reference, training, and improvement. Having considered the valuable content this publication presents, spa retailers can intelligently apply it to their individual business circumstances and markedly benefit from the results.


With unique and very specific research, H2Insider serves as a distinctive tool to grow your understanding of these customers and how you can improve their lives.


In the hot tub industry, we’re all fundamentally in the business of supporting our customers. With unique and very specific research, H2Insider serves as a distinctive tool to grow your understanding of these customers and how you can improve their lives. Whether it’s for health, wellness, relaxation, or relationships, make the most of your offer to bring a vacation experience into your customer’s backyard every day of the year.


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Carri Hamilton
Carri Hamilton

Carri Hamilton is H2Insider’s Editor-in-Chief and Content Editor for Bullfrog Spas. With an English degree and master’s degrees in both business and health administration, she has worked in small business planning and editorial management for over 15 years. Carri travels extensively with her family and enjoys producing travel-related articles for various online and print publications in her free time.

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