The Very Best of H2Insider 2016

Best of H2Insider 2016

Gift Guide for the Everyday Hot Tub Professional


Rather than add to your list of to-dos over the holiday, H2Insider would like to use this week’s article to send you a small gift.

Since launching in June, we’ve earned hundreds of loyal subscribers looking to learn about best practices for spa retailing. We’ve also had several dealers and industry experts step up to share their insights as sources for H2Insider content.

Despite our growing subscriber list, we hardly presume you’ve been able to read every article we’ve published. So to show our appreciation for your continued support, we’re offering you this short list of H2Insider’s most popular and useful posts from 2016.

The following articles are identified by need. Because we recognize not all hot tub professionals share the same interests when it comes to building their business. Consider each a gift card that offers its own special different experience!

And you’re welcome to forward our gift along to others who may have been a bit more difficult to shop for this season.


Tuning into Radio Ads

For the spa retailer looking to drive store traffic during a promotional campaign, a radio ad can make a significant impact. It’s rare that a spa dealer has been schooled on the ins and outs of marketing with media. Check out our post on Understanding Media Buying to ensure you get the most of your airtime purchase.


Presenting Test Spas

Today’s showroom success is defined by the customer experience. And what better way for a spa dealer to optimize that experience than with a demo spa area dedicated to customer trials. Open up our article on Tips for Test Spas to learn about moving a sale forward with something as simple as a quick dip.


Selling Consumer Financing

What else moves a sale forward more quickly than making the hot tub purchase more affordable? That’s right, consumer financing. But how to sell financing so it doesn’t bite into profitability takes some expertise. A Spa Dealer’s Guide to Consumer Financing reveals these details in a format designed just for the hot tub professional.


Expanding Your Social Network

And you thought popularity was tough in high school. Looking to boost your following in today’s online environment isn’t exactly a matter of instinct. With the growing number of social platforms out there, it can be challenging to effectively grow your network. The No-Nonsense Social Media Guide for Spa Retailers breaks it down so you’re sure to be liked, friended, and even pinned over and over again.


Designing a “Leading” Website

If you need to up your online game, the most obvious place to start is your dealership’s website. Website design is perhaps the biggest influencer on brand perception. Especially given that today’s customers are likely to start their buyer’s journey online. With these 8 Website Tips for Spa Dealers, you can move your spa business a few spaces ahead of the competition.


Getting the Most from Your Sales Team

The age-old question of Salary vs Commission still looms in the world of spa retailing. But for those who have that figured out, there’s still the question of what the optimal commission plan looks like. Your sales performance depends on it. H2Insider offers our recommendations in this discerning article on The Best Compensation Plans for Hot Tub Sales.


Tomorrow’s Spa Industry Outlook

Business planning for spa dealers relies on how informed the dealer is about industry trends. And the hot tub industry is not overflowing with this kind of relevant and reliable insight. Here, H2Insider takes a look into What Does the Future Hold for Hot Tub Retailers? Note: No magic 8 balls were used in this analysis.


Bottomless Cup of Industry Resources

Sounds warm and inviting, right? That’s exactly what we aim for in our Ultimate Resource List for Spa Professionals. Utilize these informative and accessible tools to enhance your business without spending a dime. In other words, do your own grinding without leaving that comfy lounger seat you should be relaxing in this holiday season.


Driving Service Performance through Mobile Tech

Is your service department in need of an efficiency makeover? After all, profitability in service requires maximum productivity with minimal wasted effort or expense. Take an insightful look into Mobile Solutions for the Service Department and connect your field techs with the latest technology available.


There you have it. Another Best of the Best where you’ll hopefully find at least one H2Insider offering that fits just right. We want you to know just how special we think you are. Wishing you the best this New Year!

Carri Hamilton
Carri Hamilton

Carri Hamilton is H2Insider’s Editor-in-Chief and Content Editor for Bullfrog Spas. With an English degree and master’s degrees in both business and health administration, she has worked in small business planning and editorial management for over 15 years. Carri travels extensively with her family and enjoys producing travel-related articles for various online and print publications in her free time.

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